Breast Lift Cost

In 2007, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported that the national average cost of breast lift surgery was $4,341. That price reflects physician/surgeon fees only and does account for costs associated with the hospital, anesthesia, doctor popularity, medical tests, and other requirements for breast lift surgery.

You must also consider the type of breast lift that you are seeking. Some methods cost more than others. Additionally, many patients undergo breast lift/augmentation. Having both a lift and breast implants, the fee of surgery will certainly be elevated.

Typically, insurance companies don’t cover the costs of procedures deemed as cosmetic rather than plastic or reconstructive. Because a patient generally seeks breast lift surgery for aesthetic reasons, it is unlikely that providers will pay for the fees associated with the procedure.

But don’t let the monetary aspect of a breast lift detour you from undergoing surgery. Rather, look into plastic surgery financing. Many patients seek assistance in the form of loans and payment plans to help pay for their desired procedures. By doing so, you can enjoy your procedure without trying to figure out of you can afford it.

To learn more about how affordable breast lift surgery can be, please visit our Plastic Surgery Financing page.