Butt Augmentation: My Backside Was Flat as a Board

By C. Downey © 2008-2009
PlasticSurgery.com Staff Writer.


K.R. of Baltimore, Maryland, did not like to be seen in front of a group. Or join a buffet line. Or appear on a dance floor. Going to the beach or a swimming pool was excruciating for her.

“I hated to go anywhere my backside could be seen,” says K.R. (who asked for her name to be withheld for medical privacy.) “Why? My rear end was flat a board! My lack of haunches and straight line figure always bothered and inhibited me.”

Buttock Augmentation

K.R. was teased mercilessly in junior high and high school as others taunted her with “two-by-four-flat-as-a-board” and other cruel names. But the truth was that she just did not have much of a womanly figure when she was younger. Her thin legs made it even worse.

Butt Implants Before and After Photo

K.R.’s before picture, left, shows the state of her derriere before her
Brazilian Butt Lift, right. (Photos, courtesy of Ricardo Rodriguez, M.D.)

Moreover, her pants often fell down, she usually wore tops that covered her rear, and she even tried underwear with some built-in buttock padding. Bathing suit shopping was a nightmare for her and there was just no way she would change clothes in front of other women. She briefly considered the idea of a butt implants but did not like the unnatural appearance.

“My flat backside stopped me from doing a lot of things I wanted to do,” says the now 43-year-old mother of two. “It was often something as simple as going to the beach. I felt like I looked terrible in a bathing suit, so if I did wear one, I covered up in a towel the whole time and hung out on the sidelines, away from the fun.”

…was teased mercilessly in junior and high school as others taunted her with “two-by-four-
flat-as-a-board”… ”

Brazilian Buttock Lift

Several years ago, K.R. was watching television and saw a local plastic surgeon, Ricardo Rodriguez, M.D., who specialized in a procedure commonly known as a Brazilian Buttock Augmentation.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

The Brazilian buttocks augmentation operation surgically removes fat from areas of the body where the patient has plenty to spare and injects the fat cells throughout the muscular layers of the buttocks. After healing, the buttocks take on a very distinct curve and provide a much more feminine figure. During the same procedure, the surgeon liposuctions fat away from the waist, hips and upper thighs to give the patient’s derriere even more prominence and curve.

“I knew at the initial consultation with Dr. Rodriguez, the procedure was for me and that he was the one to perform it,” K.R. says. “I went ahead with the operation in May, 2007.”

Buttocks Lift

During the five-hour procedure, Dr. Rodriguez used liposuction to remove K.R.’s “love handles,” flanks, waist and inner thighs. One drawback of the procedure is the patient is not allowed to place undue amounts of pressure on the buttocks during the three weeks it takes the newly-injected fat cells to find a blood supply and thrive.

“And that meant no sitting down for three weeks and sleeping on my stomach for four,” K.R. says. “I stood at the dinner table every night for two weeks to eat dinner with my family.”

“My flat back side stopped me from doing a lot of things I wanted to do,” says the now 43-year-old mother of two.

After that, she pulled a chair up to the table, turned it around and kneeled on it. After that, she ate from a coffee table and kneeled on the floor.

Following the recovery period, she found a self-confidence she never knew possible. She became the first in a crowd to stand up, dashed to the head of the buffet line or jumped at the chance to go to beach or visit a swimming pool. While shopping, she found 90 percent of the clothes she tried on fit and enhanced her new figure. Before the buttocks lift, clothes were impossible to find.

Butt Augmentation Results

“While my husband and I have been married for 25 years, our personal relationship became more like newlyweds after my procedure,” K.R. says. “Before, I used to rush through my shower and get changed so he would not see me nude. Now I wear as little as possible around him, and flaunt my figure. I never knew that feeling beautiful and sexy could increase a person’s sex drive and confidence so much.

“My biggest fear now — and I dream this often — is that I wake up and still have a flat backside. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t look in the full view mirror to make sure it’s still all there!”

After healing, she found a self-confidence she never knew possible.

More Self-Confidence After Buttock Enhancement

But perhaps the most important aspect of her newly-found self-confidence was found at work. K.R. works for a non-profit organization that provides homes and other shelter for the developmentally disabled, people who are born with mild to severe retardation.

“Before the operation, I sat at a desk all day,” K.R. says. “Now, I have become the person who volunteers to go to schools to give talks about our program. Before the procedure, I would have never stood up before a large group of people. Now, it’s no problem for me all.”