Cornelia Day Resort Hits Fifth Avenue

By Elana Pruitt © 2006-2009 Editor

The latest luxury spa on Fifth Avenue offers more than its chaise lounges and full-service hair salon. As if anyone needs an actual reason to visit New York City, try this one: a 21,000 square-foot facility featuring 14 treatment rooms, a staff of 120-trained beauty professionals, with the technology designed to prep a patient’s skin for plastic surgery, and help speed up the healing process. Founded by Cornelia Zicu – a world-renowned, skin practitioner – the Cornelia Day Resort is a medical spa of its own kind; serving the ultimate, rejuvenate needs of “him” and “her.”

“Growing up, my dream was to help others and bring them together,” says Zicu, a Romanian-born esthetician and visionary. Located on the 8th and penthouse floors of the newly-redesigned Ferragamo flagship building, the resort has an “individualized and intimate” atmosphere.

For new clients of Cornelia Day Resort, the appeal may be in its lavish services and attractions; New York’s first-and-only Watsu pool sits rooftop where therapists will perform underwater shiatsu-massage treatments; elegant home and personal accessories, loungewear, and beauty products sold by Boutique at Cornelia; a men’s only, old-fashioned barber shop offers chic style; and with a relaxation library and casual dining at Café Cornelia, you may start to wonder, “What don’t they offer?”

As the resort’s fabulous Fifth Avenue location has attracted numerous local and international clientele since its January opening, Zicu credits herself “100 percent lucky” to work among a team of such dedicated professionals. With recovery centers offering post-operative patients pampering and a comfortable environment for immediate healing, experiencing Cornelia Day Resort means learning of the long-term benefits of caring for your body. Understanding the emotional and physical stress tied to improving one’s appearance with cosmetic surgery, her staff shares the vision of improving a person’s “before” skin, as well as employing treatments for “after.”

“In order to have plastic surgery, your skin should be strong and healthy to better tolerate it [plastic surgery],” Zicu asserts, explaining that with bad skin condition, the healing process may take longer. In turn, a person may not reap the benefits of surgery, possibly requiring a re-do operation. “Clients should prepare skin and their immune system at the cellular level to be built up, to make sure that collagen production and the regenerating cell system is also built up.”

Offering an individualized program to help many of her clients prepare for surgery, Zicu strives to help them sustain lasting results. She recommends facials for a person getting facial surgery, encouraging them to learn the right products for at-home, follow-up attention after the treatments; also advising her clients to consult a nutritionist, considering he or she can prescribe the best vitamins to comfort the healing process and reduce common side effects. Believing the entire body “should be healthy to support the surgery,” Zicu also recommends “a lot of massage” prior to undergoing cosmetic surgery, pointing out that “relaxation techniques work with the meridians that correspond to each organ to help build up the entire body’s immune system.”

Zicu’s program supports her clients’ experience with cosmetic rejuvenation

Exclusive to Cornelia Day Resort, the treatment and technology used to enhance cosmetic results may not only benefit a person’s experience with plastic surgery, but prove the importance of skincare management. Besides her signature, fresh masques with active ingredients to help minimize scarring and reduce side effects, the treatment of the microablation machine, which helps to exfoliate and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, followed by the Triphasic Resonator facial, designed to stimulate facial muscles to promote younger-looking skin, constitutes her surgery client’s program regimen.

“You cannot give people results if you don’t understand them,” Zicu says. Whether an older woman or a younger man, a dark or light-skinned person, she is known to treat everyone with special care; looking after their unique needs and desires for improvement.

With over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, Cornelia Zicu developed her passion for skincare at an early age; she was taught the natural remedies for treatment and prevention by her grandmother. Having studied and earned degrees in the beauty and skincare fields in Romania and the United States, traveled the world to lecture leading dermatologists, estheticians, and researchers, and has maintained celebrity clients from coast to coast, Zicu is consistently on the move.

In addition to heading her dream-come-true day resort, she is currently working with doctors and top pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to develop products that will help bring immediacy to the healing process. She is also co-authoring a beauty book with mentor Ovidu Bojor, an inspiration behind her own line of 17 different tea varietals that include soaking, drinking and hair/scalp rinse and eye compresses.

Esteemed as an innovator and authority on beauty, Zicu is personally shaping the industry as she sees fit. “People don’t have patience anymore – they want it right now,” Zicu says, referring to the fact many post-op patients can become overzealous with cosmetic surgery, requesting procedure after procedure. “But it gets to a point where you cannot repeat it [plastic surgery] anymore.” Zicu’s program supports her clients’ experience with cosmetic rejuvenation, offering refreshing techniques and leading technology to help maintain new results and beautiful skin.

Newly planted on Fifth Avenue, Cornelia Day Resort is here to stay.