By C. Downey © 2005- 2009 Staff Writer

Dr. Lorenc loves to tell the story of how he expanded his Park Avenue practice to the Caribbean.

Back in 2001, the doctor had a well-known patient who received a full facelift. With a fully bandaged head, the woman wanted to remain in seclusion as much as possible for five to seven days, following the doctor’s orders.

“She wanted total privacy to recover in the comfort of her New York City home,” Dr. Lorenc says.

Accordingly, the woman stocked up on everything she needed for that time and let her phone calls go straight to voice mail. It was as if she wasn’t home at all. But she had forgotten two critical things: her building’s doorman and her mail. When the former noticed the latter piling up, he become concerned about the woman and called her. But there was no answer. Then, he went to her suite and knocked on the door. Again, there was no answer, because the woman was sound asleep. So the alarmed doorman phoned 911.

Science and technology meet the Caribbean.

“My patient woke to three New York City cops standing over her, requesting a call to my office to confirm she was indeed a plastic surgery patient and not the victim of a mugging,” says Dr. Lorenc.

Nips N Tucks in JamaicaSoon thereafter, the doctor’s friends invited him to spend a weekend at Montego Bay in Jamaica and he eagerly accepted. His hosts – developers of medical centers – had just completed the MoBay Hope Medical Centre on the lush, five-star grounds of Half Moon Club a 400-acre resort. Eventually, the chair of MoBay Hope and the president of Half Moon Resorts invited Dr. Lorenc to establish his practice on the island. Thus, Dr. Lorenc became licensed to also practice medicine in Jamaica, with hospital privileges at MoBay Hope. When the doctor inspected the hospital, he found a world-class facility. Moreover, he had trained at NYU Medical School with two of the center’s staff physicians. Dr. Lorenc was also pleased to find the medical center had a strong alliance with South Miami Hospital to maintain U.S. level clinical standards and the utmost in patient safety. Another feature in the facility catching his eye was the latest, au courant medical equipment. “My first thought was ‘Science and technology meet the Caribbean,’” recalls Dr. Lorenc. “And the thought struck me, ‘This would be a perfect place for my patients to recover.”

Ralph Lauren Décor

He additionally noticed the hospital’s extremely tasteful decor and learned designer Ralph Lauren, who keeps a home nearby, was a major benefactor of the medical center.

So Dr. Lorenc came up with the idea of traveling to Montego Bay about twice a year with his patients for what he calls an “aesthetic surgery vacation;” he performs surgery there and then stays for follow-up visits while his patients heal. He also started “injectables weekends,” offering Botox® and Restylane®, fillers which quickly remove wrinkles, crow’s feet and furrows for patient-travelers who stay Thursday through Sunday. Those weekends are scheduled about four times annually.

“After the injectables weekend, patients usually fly back home or to other destinations looking refreshed, rested and younger,” Dr. Lorenc says. “Surgery patients stay longer.”

Queen Elizabeth, Ted Kennedy

Among amenities, privacy in Montego Bay seems to be as valuable as Jamaica’s azure skies, clear water and temperate weather. Included among the notables who frequent Montego Bay: Senator Ted Kennedy, musician Paul Simon, actor Eddie Murphy and Queen Elizabeth who stops in once yearly to, to take the Caribbean air which — in the words of Shakespeare – “nimbly and sweetly recommends itself unto our gentle senses.”

While Dr. Lorenc may forbid his surgery patients to recover in bright sunlight, the area offers many activities much more active than simply taking in the air. After several days of rest and recovery, a beach stroll may beckon, some serious shopping opportunities may call out or you may feel like taking advantage of the pampering, like massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, available in Half Moon’s spa. Most treatments there are coordinated to enhance the patient’s recovery. For instance, physicians know a lymphatic massage makes surgical procedures go easier because there is less swelling and bruising, after an operation. Massages increase circulation and metabolism.

If you feel like even more action – and have the doctor’s OK – Half Moon offers everything from the more genteel pursuits like Croquet, Bocce and table tennis to gung-ho activities like deep sea fishing, scuba diving or even windsurfing. In restaurants, you have choices of everything from the offerings found in a traditional English pub to six gourmet restaurants (including Italian and French) to beach barbecues.

But whatever you eat, it’s a place that NYC cops are not too likely to shake you awake because your mail has been piling up.