One Nursing Student Rewards Herself with Breast Implants and Liposuction

By C. Downey © 2008-2009 Staff Writer


Graduating from nursing school was a major accomplishment for 25-year-old T.J. of Bakersfield, California. She wanted to do something to reward herself, and a very special idea immediately came to her mind.

Breast Augmentation and Liposuction

"I had been thinking about a breast augmentation for quite a while," says T.J. "Even though I’m very athletic, I had also been thinking about having liposuction on my hips, love handles and thighs."

“she wanted a slightly more "womanly" and proportionate look for wearing beach and summer clothes”

Because she knew a lot about medicine and health, she started spending five days a week in the gym doing kickboxing, spinning, and lifting weights.

"I knew excess weight was bad for health and that a plastic surgeon will send you home to lose weight if you are too heavy for liposuction," she says.

Breast Enhancement

T.J. also understood that smaller breasts went with her athletic build. Still, she wanted a slightly more "womanly" and proportionate look for wearing beach and summer clothes, while still presenting a professional appearance at work.

Additionally, T.J. was self-conscious about her bulging areas and could not buy the clothes — like low-rise jeans — she favored. So she covered what she considered bodily imperfections with baggy clothing.

"Because I’m a nurse, I’ve seen a lot of operations and was apprehensive about going under anesthesia because I myself have never had surgery," T.J. says. "And when it came to a breast enhancement, I was concerned about surgical complications like contracture, scar formation or ending up with too large a bust line."

Plastic Surgeon

Breast Augmentation Liposuction Photo T.J. knew how to research medical clinics and doctors’ records, so she looked into the qualifications and record of one particular plastic surgeon about whom she had been hearing good things from former patients.

"I have friends who had procedures from plastic surgeon Darshan Shah, M.D., and they looked wonderful," T.J. says. "I researched his credentials and found an impeccable record. When I went to see him for an initial consultation, he explained the ways a patient can help prevent complications through careful aftercare and following all the doctor’s post-op instructions. And I felt very at ease because his surgical center is certified by The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), a top inspection and certifying body for surgical facilities."

Saline Breast Implants

T.J.’s mind was also put at ease because Dr. Shah gave her the freedom to change her mind about the size of the breast implants right up to the time of surgery. She received written instructions and knew what medications she would be taking and how to best care for herself after the procedure. For her procedure, saline breast implants were inserted under her chest muscles while about four to five pounds of fat were removed through ultrasonic liposuction.

"I was fully prepared and informed, so the operation went really well even though the liposuction of the hips, inner and outer thighs, and breast augmentation were all done at once," T.J. says. "I had some help around the house during the week that was required to recover from the surgery. I faithfully wore the compression garment for a month.

"I was impressed because Dr. Shah called on the third day, right out of the blue, to see how I was doing and if I had questions about recovery," T.J. says.

“Dr. Shah reminded T.J. that having liposuction does not mean she should stop exercising and consuming a proper diet. ”

The procedure required about an hour and one-half to perform.

"I left at eight a.m. and returned home about noon," she says. "That included time in the recovery room."

Dr. Shah reminded T.J. that having liposuction does not mean she should stop exercising and consuming a proper diet. Liposuction is not a means of weight control but a way to remove stubborn deposits of fat that will not go away through diet and exercise alone.

"I started out as a 36B and am now somewhere between a 36D and a 36C, so I feel much more confident in my own skin," T.J. says. "Plus, I’m now more confident because I can go out on the town and feel sexy and beautiful, and forget about wearing baggy clothes. I now enjoy shopping for clothes, whereas it used to be a major chore to find something that fits.

"Before the procedure, I did not want to be seen in a bathing suit," she says. "But I recently went to Hawaii and felt fine wearing a two-piece suit.

"I’ve also gone down one pant size and, encouraged by Dr. Shah, I continue spending five days a week at my gym," she says.