Plastic Surgery Glossary

Find quick and easy definitions to a broad spectrum of plastic surgery procedures and non-surgical aesthetic treatments.


Arm Lift (Upper arm lift or “brachioplasty”): Removes excess skin and fat from upper arms

Artecoll ® (also known as ArteFill): Facial filler; non-surgical



BOTOX ® Cosmetic: Facial filler; non-surgical

Breast Augmentation (“augmentation mammaplasty”): enlarge breast size

Breast Lift (“mastopexy”): raises the breasts to a higher level

Breast Reconstruction: Can be used with breast implants following the removal of breasts – a “mastectomy”

Breast Reduction (“reduction mammaplasty”): A procedure for reducing breast size

Brow Lift (short for “eyebrow lift,” and also known as a “forehead lift”): corrects the problem areas of the upper facial region (drooping brows, upper eyelids, sagging skin on forehead)



Calf Implants: Implants used to increase the size and shape of the calf muscles.

Cheek Implant (“malar augmentation”): Enhances shape, contour, and balance of face

Chemical Peel (a facial peel; different types): skin rejuvenation treatment; non-surgical

Chin Augmentation (“chin surgery” or “mentoplasty”): reshapes chin with an implant



Dermabrasion (a skin refinishing treatment): skin rejuvenation treatment; non-surgical



Ear Surgery (“otoplasty”): Reshapes ear for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes

Eyelid Surgery (“blepharoplasty”): Corrects drooping eyelids and bags



Facelift (“rhytidectomy”): Raises sagging skin of the face and neck

Facial Fillers (dermal fillers): Many types; non-surgical

Facial implants: Can be used for the cheeks, chin, jaw, or even nose. (See also, Cheek Implant.)

Fat Grafting (“autologous fat transfer” or fat injections): extracted from one area of the body and injected into another



Gastric Bypass (“gastrointestinal surgery” or commonly known as weight loss surgery): To remove excess amounts of fat from the body



Hair Transplant/Replacement: Caused by aging, hormones, or family history. Hair folicles are transplanted from healthy donor area.



Injectable fillers (also known as dermal fillers or facial fillers): Restylane, Juvederm, Collagen injections, etc. (See also, Facial Fillers.)



Jaw Implant (“mandibular augmentation”): Add prominence and balance to face



Laser Skin Resurfacing (“laser peel”): Facial rejuvenation treatment; non-surgical

Lip Augmentation: With the use of a facial filler such as Restylane or collagen

Liposuction (“suction-assisted lipectomy,” “suction lipectomy,” or “lipoplasty”): Removes excess fat from nearly any area of the body



Male Breast Reduction: reduces the size of a male breasts, the condition known as “gynecomastia”

Microdermabrasion (A skin refinishing treatment or a “lunchtime peel”): skin rejuvenation treatment; non-surgical

Mini Facelift (The “S” Lift or “Mid Face Lift”): Reduces signs of aging in the lower half of the face



Nose Surgery (“rhinoplasty,” “nose reshaping,” or “nasal reconstruction”): Reshaping and/or resizing the nose



Skin resurfacing (“laser peel”): Facial rejuvenation treatment; non-surgical. (See also, Laser Skin Resurfacing.)

Scar Revision (scar repair therapy): Can be treated a variety of ways

Spider Veins (“sclerotherapy”): Involving treatment through injection or laser



Tummy Tuck (“abdominoplasty”): Reduces size of abdomen and slims mid-section