San Diego Liposuction

Find a Liposuction surgeon

Our detailed doctor profiles will provide you with vital information about the doctor, as well as their backgrounds, techniques, before and after photo galleries and links to their Web sites. Be it a San Diego tummy tuck surgeon or a La Jolla liposuction specialist, finding a qualified surgeon has never been easier!

Of course you want your liposuction surgery to go as smoothly as possible, and a good doctor will give you the necessary instructions to help you prepare for this procedure, such as:

  • A list of medications that you must cease or avoid taking
  • Products you may need to purchase that will assist with recovery (i.e. icepacks to reduce bruising and swelling).
  • Quit smoking at least two weeks before and after surgery
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Try to accomplish all household chores before your surgery, so you won’t have to attempt them while healing.

During an initial consultation visit, your San Diego liposuction specialist will evaluate your health and determine where your fat deposits lie. He or she should also explain any alternative body contouring methods that can be performed in conjunction with, in addition to, or instead of liposuction, such as lipodissolve, liposculpture or smart lipo.

Feel free to ask your doctor any question you see fit!