Strange but True Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

By Leeann Morrissey © 2008-2009 Staff Writer


These days, cosmetic surgery can be used to enhance almost any area of the body. Procedures once thought to be rare and unusual, such as calf implants and eyelid surgery, are now widely performed and accepted – and replaced by new surgeries that possess even greater shock value.

No matter your aesthetic concerns, there is a specialist out there willing to help you correct it. Strange, but true:

“No matter your aesthetic concerns, there is a specialist out there willing to help you correct it.”

Hand surgery –
Plastic surgery seems to be synonymous with the "I want to look younger" sentiment. That said, the removal of bulging hand veins makes sense to some.
Dimple fabrication –
Don’t have dimples, but want ‘em? Now you can…with the help of cosmetic surgery!
Toe shortening –
That pesky toe next to the big one can sometimes be a bit too long. Indeed, a surgical procedure can "correct" that to make it shorter and more even with the rest of your toes.
Umbilicoplasty –
If you would prefer an "innie" or an "outie," or if you just aren’t fond of the way your belly button looks, surgical modifications are available.

Before deeming the above procedures bizarre, or simply unnecessary, keep in mind that everyone has their own reasons for seeking surgical improvements. For instance, who is to say that breast augmentation is a bigger deal than hand surgery?

“Don’t have dimples, but want ‘em? Now you can…”

Regardless of the procedure(s) you are seeking, be it breast enlargement or umbilicoplasty, a common enhancement or a unique procedure, your best bet for a successful outcome is the right physician. As you search for a plastic surgeon, you must consider his or her training and experience. Equally important is their ability to take what they have learned and produce the results patients want. Also, ask to see before and after plastic surgery photos of their work to ensure that they can help you attain your cosmetic goals.