The Facelift With No Visible Scars

Cosmetic Surgery Magazine article, posted 2005

Recent developments in plastic and reconstructive surgery by California-based Dr. Renato Calabria have led to a new procedure for facelifts that leaves no visible scars.

“As we age, there is a shift of volume in the face,” explains Dr. Calabria “Gravity works in a vertical direction, pulling the face down.” Dr. Calabria’s procedure works with the natural movement of the skin, rather than the more traditional approach to facelifts that pulls the facial skin laterally. “When you pull laterally,” he observes, “it’s not a very natural way to do it. It create that tight look – and when you tighten the face, you lose projection or definition of facial features.”

Dr. Calabria’s technique is considerably less invasive than the traditional facelift, and results in a more natural look by reshaping deeper facial tissues in a vertical direction, virtually eliminating any visible scars.

The procedure is done through two small incisions in the hairline and inside the mouth. The sutures are then carefully placed to suspend, reposition and secure the facial tissues in a vertical, more youthful position. “I create a tunnel from the mouth to the temple and pull up the jowls and nasolabial folds to create a more youthful appearance,“ says Dr. Calabria. “This operation can pull up the cheeks and bottom of the brow without any visible scars.”

With less bruising and reduced post-operative recovery, the technique also suits the patient with a previous facelift who has an unnatural, pulled-back look. “With older patients, I can combine the vertical facelift with a neck lift or chin and cheek implants,” says Dr. Calabria.

Dr. Calabria believes the procedure can also suit younger patients who do not want a traditional facelift or the visible scars it leaves on the face.