The MIAMI Institute

By Elana Pruitt © 2006-2009 Editor

As a tenant of the Four Seasons Hotel & Tower, The MIAMI Institute provides particular convenience for a patient undergoing treatment or surgery – he or she can elect aftercare assistance in the same location. The ease of moving from the operating room to a recovery room commonly means shuttling between doctors and hospitals. In this case, if patients prefer to lengthen their stay in a five-star environment, the Institute’s staff can make arrangements for them to recover and rejuvenate in a hotel room or suite. A VIP entrance, private waiting rooms, and a refined environment are intended to contribute to easing a patient’s recovery period through privacy and comfort. Staff can also arrange complete transportation including airline tickets and luxury car service.

Led by an internationally-esteemed board certified surgical and medical team, The MIAMI Institute prides itself on the ultimate level of care. Through progressive medicine and the utilization of advanced technology, this medical spa has a distinctive goal for their clients: look, feel and live healthier.

Lead medical director Dr. Julio Gallo, M.D. describes the main factor that should attract new patients to the 9,000 square-foot-facility as, “The comprehensive nature of taking care of each patient.” He proudly adds, “We do everything well in each area.”

The MIAMI Institute was co-founded by Dr. Gallo with successful South Florida business entrepreneur Stephen A. Watson. For more than a decade, Dr. Gallo has sparked an international following in regards to his practice as a renowned facial plastic surgeon. Named one of the nation’s top facial plastic surgeons by Elle magazine in 2003, he has attracted major interest from local and national media. Dr. Gallo has demonstrated leading-edge surgical techniques and procedures through this means, proving his extensive experience with facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Working alongside Dr.Gallo is a group of surgeons, medical professionals, nutritionists, and health specialists, geared at providing individualized services to help patients look and feel their best as they age.

Designed by medical professionals, The MIAMI Institute has developed an individualized line of nutrition and skin care products for at-home treatment programs. MIx® Dermaceuticals offer customized solutions to attaining healthy skin. Through the Institute’s VISIA™ Complexion Analysis tool, patients can look forward to receiving insight and treatment recommended by skin professionals, specifically formulated on-site to treat their skin.

VISIA can evaluate areas on the skin that may be subject to intervention, such as wrinkles, spots, and pores.

The MIAMI Institute offers key services like facial and body reshaping and enhancement, non-invasive skin rejuvenation, Botox® and wrinkle fillers, age management medicine. Nutrition, fitness, smoking cessation and weight management programs are also offered. Cosmetic dentistry is also a featured treatment that includes bonding, veneers, crowns, smile lifts, implants, teeth whitening and enamel reshaping.

As Institute professionals may revel in the fact that recovery for their clients are potentially just “an elevator ride away,” they are also aware that it is the patient’s choice on which type of aftercare assistance will be conducive to his or her lifestyle.

“While loved ones can probably do just as good of a job taking care of a patient, an aftercare facility is generally for someone who wants to be pampered a bit more, and not in a hurry to return to work,” says Dr. Gallo. “But some patients just want to be in their own bed.”

Their approach of “treating the whole person” through the mantra of “balance and synergy,” The MIAMI Institute’s type of diversified clientele is upscale local, national and international. Latin American and European visitors to South Florida are among patients that have utilized the professional services offered by the dedicated Miami medical team.

“The MIAMI Institute provides a truly unique, comprehensive approach to age management and wellness, treating patients from a “holistic” perspective – both preventing and treating the causes, symptoms, and signs of aging,” says Gaby Garcia, senior vice president of public relations agency Kreps DeMaria, which represents The MIAMI Institute. “The Institute can also provide overnight care by a nurse and can supervise menu choices from a hotel’s in-room service.”

Garcia also adds that the facility, which has been in development for about a year, offers an “interesting twist” to the idea of recovery centers. For a client seeking aftercare assistance at The Four Seasons Hotel & Tower, the simplicity of being cared for by professionals in close proximity to the room they just received treatment or surgery seems undeniably comfortable and rewarding.

The MIAMI Institute

The MIAMI Institute is a recently-opened, state-of-the-art facility located on the sky lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel & Tower. Making a name for itself as an individualized medical center by offering high-quality care and a variety of treatment options, its staff consists of top professionals. The MIAMI Institute has medical leaders in plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic dentistry, and hormone replacement therapy. Attracting local, national, and international clientele, this medical center prides itself on the foundation of providing the highest level of medical care by board certified physicians. With its own skincare analysis system, The MIAMI Institute offers an extensive range of skin diagnostics and treatment plans to fully invigorate your appearance, such as microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, acne treatment, Photodynamic Therapy, and micropigmentation/ permanent makeup. The Institute has also created unique solutions to creating healthy skin with its own line of skincare products, individually compounded and formulated on-site.

Although located in the same building, The MIAMI Institute is independent of the Four Seasons Hotel. Still, cosmetic surgery patients seeking recovery can look forward to privacy, recuperation, and attentive nursing care in a specially-equipped suite or room, merely an