Tummy Tuck Mom Slims from a Size 12 to a 6

By C. Downey © 2008-2009
PlasticSurgery.com Staff Writer


After the birth of her second child, "V.M.D." (name withheld for medical privacy) of Sacramento, California, noticed her lower stomach was really getting to be a problem. Some of it was droopy enough to rub on her legs when she walked. When she sat, she had to adjust her belly. At 5’3", she was pushing 155 pounds.

“The extra weight on my hips really made finding clothes that fit a problem. ”

"My clothes fit like I was always pregnant," VMD says. "Basically, I just wanted my slender body back like it was before the kids. My son stretched me through the hips and my daughter stretched me through my stomach."

She joined a gym, ate a more reasonable diet, and exercised on a regular basis, but the protruding tummy and the weight on her hips just would not respond.

Tummy Tuck

"I managed to get my weight down to about 140 but I still had those troublesome fatty areas on my tummy and on my hips," she says. "The extra weight on my hips really made finding clothes that fit a problem."

VMD researched the tummy tuck procedure on the Internet and started talking to her husband about having abdominoplasty and liposuction on her hips. (Read more about liposuction.)

Tummy Tuck Photo

Patient VMD shows her pre-surgical appearance in November, 2005. In March, 2008, VMD still sports a trim, sleek look in her tummy and hip. (Photos, courtesy of Jason Solomon, MD)

Tummy Tuck Surgery

"My husband told me he loved me just as I was and encouraged me to go see Jason Solomon, M.D., a Sacramento plastic surgeon, because that would make me happy," VMD recalls.

VMD and her family agreed to go ahead with the tummy tuck and hip liposuction. The tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, requires a hip-to-hip incision, which the surgeon places low on the tummy so that the resulting scar is hidden by swimwear or underwear. Usually, the long stomach muscles running from the sternum to the pubis have parted so the surgeon repairs that during the procedure. He may then do some liposuction prior to removing excess or sagging tummy skin before closing the incision.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

"After the surgery, I was down for about a week," recalls VMD who normally works as an administrative assistant. "I wasn’t working at the time, so my husband and my mom took care of me, the housework, and the kids."

“…pregnancy undoes the slim, trim look created by a tummy tuck.”

She followed Dr. Solomon’s instructions to a "T" and made sure she did not pick up her three-year-old, a move that could have broken some stitches. She was also able to assure the doctor her family was complete with two children. That’s important because another pregnancy undoes the slim, trim look created by a tummy tuck.

"After healing, I was so happy with my new look, I hired a trainer at my gym, removed the junk food from my diet, and worked even harder to keep up the new look," VMD recalls.

All that resulted in VMD dropping another two dress sizes. Before surgery, she usually required a size 12 dress. Now, after surgery and working out with a trainer and a friend, she wears a size 6.

One of the most pleasing bonuses to the surgeries came from something small.

"At 36 years of age, I was able to buy my first two-piece bathing suit as an adult and not feel self-conscious about my appearance at the pool!"